Helping the Environment One Bill at a Time: Recycled Products and Paperless Billing Benefits

Aside from the market stocks, the revenue, and the employees, as a company manager, you should also worry about the waste bin units in your workplace. Why? Your company trash reflects your company’s efficiency. How so? Well, it’s not about how the cool rubbish bins look in the office nor is it about where you bought the large bins for sale. The contents of your office’s waste bin dictate your workforce’s expenditures in your office resources. If you see wasted paper, plastic bottles, light bulbs, and other trash inside them, you might be missing out on how you can enhance your company’s efficiency.

This article talks about how recycled products and paperless billing can help you turn your office into an environment-friendly one:

Buying recycled products is a simple thing that all businesses can do to help the environment.

The perception of recycled products in the past has often been that of lower quality products at more expensive prices. Although this may have been true in the past, this is certainly no longer the case. With an increasing demand for environmentally friendly and recycled products, the number of businesses producing such products has increased and so too has the range of recycled products available.

Repurposing for the Environment

As more businesses buy recycled office products, such as paper and ink cartridges, the demand for the raw materials will increase. In turn, this will then increase the value of such materials. This will benefit all businesses wanting to recycle their waste, which is obviously beneficial for the environment. Click here EcoBin

There is treasure in your trash

With an increased value, businesses that generate large quantities of recyclable waste streams such as cardboard, paper, and plastic will be able to negotiate better prices for their waste materials. With increased value, businesses are also likely to be more stringent to ensure that recycling levels are maximized. This means generating more money for the business, and at the same time reducing the amount of recyclable waste going to commercial garbage bins and the landfill.

Help the Environment with Paperless Billing

If you are one of the millions of households that now have access to the internet, there is a great and easy way to help the environment – paperless billing. There are many businesses that are now offering this service. With paperless billing, your bills and statements will be sent electronically via the internet, rather than being printed out and sent by post.

Discounts for your customers

To encourage more people to sign up to paperless billing, many companies that offer this service will provide a discount for switching to paperless billing. They may also offer added environmental benefits. For example, for a limited period, HSBC is donating £5 for each Green account opened, which will be shared equally between WWF, Earthwatch, and The Climate Group. British Gas has also promised to plant a tree in one of three woodland areas for every 100 customers that switch to paperless billing. The three special woodland areas are Northcombe Wood on the Dartmoor-Exmoor border, Potters Meadow in Staffordshire and Donkleywood in Northumberland.

Lessen your office’s carbon footprint

Paperless billing can cut the paper waste going to your waste bin. By signing up to paperless billing you can help the environment by saving paper, and also saving the energy used to produce, transport and dispose of the paper. In the process, this will also help to reduce your customers’ carbon footprint. See more at https://www.ecobin.com.au/



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Green Energy: Top 4 Reasons to Switch to Solar Power

Solar power is more than just a thing of the future – now is the best time to make the switch! More homes and businesses have made the switch and have used solar power installations. But the reasons to using systems that generate solar power Brisbane has today is more than just hype; below are some of the compelling reasons to switching to solar power use.

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Reduce or Eliminate Electric Bills

Are you paying lots of money on your monthly electric bill? This alone is enough reason to consider Brisbane solar power system. This applies to homeowners and business owners who see their electricity costs rising each month. In fact, this is where a large chunk of your expenses are attributed to. When you reduce the use of traditional electricity and buy solar power systems, you can tap into the use of free power so you can get electricity for free! Most of the solar power systems on the market today have a life span of up to 25 years. Hence, you can spend nearly the rest of your life harnessing free energy sources.

Return of Investment

This part might be more interesting to business owners but can also benefit homeowners. It is believed that buying solar power in Brisbane or elsewhere in the world is one of the best investments you will ever make – better than stocks or bonds! You can easily pay off your solar power system in less than 7 years but the annual ROI is at least 20%! Hence, the investment you make in this system is basically paying itself off with the added advantage of lowering your utility bills. It is, therefore, a win-win situation wherever you look at it.

Boost Property Value

With the rise in demand for solar power Brisbane has today, it is expected that homes or properties installed with a solar power system are going to rise in market value too. This installation won’t increase your property taxes (in fact, it will help you earn tax credits!) and this will also reduce the cost of operating the property. All of these factors will make the property more attractive to a potential property buyer.

For business owners, opting to go ‘green’ can also boost your company image. It will make your brand more appealing to customers who are proponents of green consciousness. This is simply a bonus for all of the aforementioned benefits that the use of solar power has to offer.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

If you are a green advocate, the discussion on switching to the use of solar power systems is irrelevant. You know that it is a must! You can contribute to reducing carbon footprint by as much as 39% each year when you switch to tapping solar power. Imagine if more homeowners and businesses made that switch?

Want to enjoy the benefits listed above? You can find power systems that offer solar power Brisbane has to offer in the market. To get you started, go to http://hushenergysq.com.au/solar-power-brisbane-systems-panels-brisbane/ to find out where you can buy one and how to use them.



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